Virtual Office & Serviced Office Rental In Selangor, Malaysia
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Virtual Office & Serviced Office Rental In Empire Subang, Selangor


KL Entrepreneurs eXperience (KLEX) is an event and a co-working space created on the fundamentals of encouraging the development of great businesses. We specialize in offering serviced office, virtual office and event space rental services in Empire Subang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Entrepreneurs now can benefit from our facilities as we are a startup friendly while keeping your operational costs low.

KL Entrepreneurs eXperience (KLEX) is created to be the best platform for new entrepreneurs to work around. Our co-working space is designed to cater energetic new companies. We offer flexible packages including virtual office rental, serviced office rental, event space rental, call forwarding service within our shared facilities in Malaysia.
Our coworking space is designed to cater energetic new companies. We offer flexible packages including virtual office rental, serviced office rental, event space rental, call forwarding service within our shared facilities in Malaysia
The group of entrepreneurs based in KLEX are diverse and vibrant, from public relations to technology companies.
In short, any service required is available within our community at a very competitive costs. They may want your service too.

Why It’s Worth To Choose KLEX?


with high speed internet connection, security and projectors? KLEX hopes to spark brilliant ideas for the future.


a new paradigm in co-working and business services right-sized for your growing business.


ideas, connections and opportunities to take your business to the next level and beyond.


the energy and vibrancy of a thriving entrepreneur community with global aspirations.

Klex collaboration with Academies & Training Consultants

We invite trainers , training consultants , public & private academies to work with us on a long term win-win , synergistic collaboration including jointly organizing talks , previews , networking , tuition , professional & skill training sessions based on shared database and a mutually agreed training calendar. Rental for the hall and event space ( 40-100 pax ) are offered at nominal rates. The adjacent shopping mall , soho , hotel & basement carpark facilities compliment the easy accessibility of this venue.


Give your business an image boost with a KLEX virtual office. First impressions count in business. Potential customers will judge your business on the basis of where you are located. If you have an address in a prestigious business area, then it is going to make a great first impression.


We know the risks that come with being an entrepreneur, they unavoidable. From the long hours one has to put in, sacrificing personal life and being accountable for everything and most importantly the cost and finance burden one has to endure. While none of these can be eliminated they can sure be mitigated. Wouldn’t you as an entrepreneur want to lessen any of the uncertainties and complexities attached with your business?


KLEX has become highly experienced with the ins and outs of event management. We can help you to avoid or manage any challenges you might run into during your meeting, convention or special event.


So you want to quit your job and you want to start a business of your own. A nine to five job or the need to report to someone may not suit everyone. Can you do it alone? Can you do it from home? Where can you escape to complete your work without disturbance? Who do you turn to when you need guidance and assistance? Is it appropriate to host a meeting at your local Starbucks because you do not have the space at home? These are some of the questions that you may want to consider before starting-up from home. Starting a business is hard but at KLEX, we aim to make it easy for you.


They tell you it is convenient to work from home. This is partially true. Of course there isn’t the need to commute, no hassle of parking and chasing that elevator to tag your work ID by 9AM sharp. As a business owner, you may also save a lot on rent. But what you may not realize is the struggle of setting up your own office in your home may be more troublesome than you would expect. You will need to spend money on a good workstation, a comfortable chair, a cabinet or shelves, and stationery etc. Every start-up or entrepreneur would want good ambiance and surrounding when working. Hence why entrepreneurs find it most beneficial when working at a co-working space. The ready amenities such as internet connection, printers, projectors etc. make it all the more easier for one to focus on what matters most: getting your business (not your office) up and running.


On that note, the second myth you may have heard is that you are able to focus better when working from home. No one to report to, no boss to chase you for deadlines and it is quieter. The question is, can you really focus at home? We have more distractions at home as compared to a proper working space. The TV is just a remote click away, if you are married, your mother-in-law might drop by anytime because she wants to spend time with her grandchildren now that she knows you work from home. Let’s not forget the whining children. You may not be able to turn on your work mode with all the distractions. Not to mention the social media distractions. Gossiping on Facebook is super addictive, right?


The third myth is that a driven and highly motivated “Lone Ranger” entrepreneur is one who can do it all. No entrepreneur can work alone without networking and support from the entrepreneurial community. Working alone may cause you to lack personal development, exploration of common interests, collusive opportunities or community building. You may miss new business opportunities! A co-working space is useful in creating a strong community among new entrepreneurs. Co-working spaces are more than just seats, tables, internet connection and coffee, if any. Guidance or assistance is an important component of what makes people enjoy their membership. Many spaces provide network support, development opportunities and mentor-ship programmes through regular entrepreneurial events to further encourage learning and community building.


Here is the undeniable truth: working is stressful wherever you are. The problem with working from home is that there is no escape to an outlet to recharge. There is no getting away for 10 minutes to relieve yourself. You are in the comfort of your own home. Knowing that your bed is just a step away may cause you to slack off work. Plus, most co-working space are creatively and vibrantly set-up, allowing co-workers to enjoy a variety of spaces, nooks and crannies for co-workers to find solace or connectivity, as they deem fit. Spaces are also usually built in commercial areas such as SoHos or office/retail complexes, escaping for 10 minutes to grab that cup of coffee may well be worth it if that recharges you for the next 2 hours of creative productivity. Eventually, working and living in the same environment 24/7 will feel a lot like prison. Yes, you heard it here first.


Meeting up with your clients or potential investors is definitely a problem when you work from home. It is far from professional to invite them to your home. Even if you were to conduct a Skype meeting, the risk of your children, spouse, or pet interrupting is going to be utterly embarrassing. If you think of meeting up at your local Starbucks is a good idea, think again. The noise of coffee grinders, coffee machines and foot traffic is not ideal when making important decisions. The term “Starbucks Consultant” is not complimentary by any stretch of the imagination. Do your business a favor, rent a proper meeting room at a co-working space when you need to meet up with your clients.

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