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KL Entrepreneurs Experience Sdn Bhd (KLEX) offers flexible packages for meeting rooms and event spaces. Located at the prestigious Empire Tower Subang Jaya, adjacent to Empire Shopping Gallery. KLEX is highly accessible via highways & public transport. At KLEX, Our warm and friendly team will ensure you have everything you need.


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Event Space

Events at KLEX Empire Tower Subang Jaya

Affordable | Reliable | Friendly

Finding the perfect event space for your upcoming event can be intimidating. Thankfully, you have found us – the most leading provider of event space rental in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

KLEX’s event space is perfectly located in the heart of Selangor, a strategic spot with excellent transport connectivity as well as convenient access to basic amenities. Apart from that, our well-equipped and inspiring venue could cater to all genre or type of events. Be it a meeting, corporate event, workshop, conference or an exhibition, we have done it all!

Additionally, our event space in Subang Jaya, Malaysia offers a place of great ambiance with affordable rental, enabling clients to run their event smoothly and effectively without breaking the bank. The KLEX’s event space has been designed to boost productivity, creative thinking as well as to promote collaboration among co-workers. Generally, KLEX’s event space is an ideal place, where entrepreneurs can gather to do some creative brainstorming, discussion or even presentation. With sufficient seating capacity, tables, chairs, excellent lighting and air conditioning, our event space is guaranteed to make users feel more comfortable, relaxed yet focused.

Have a special event coming up? Let’s create a memorable experience for your guests or even co-workers at KLEX – The most leading provider of event space rental in Subang Jaya!

Theatre Style

30-50 pax

Classroom Style

Up to 25 pax

Cluster Style

Up to 35 pax

Meeting Style

Up to 25 pax

Meetings at KLEX Empire Tower Subang Jaya

Affordable | Flexible | Friendly

Having a result-driven meeting is vital for every organization, and of course, a proper meeting room is one of the major factors for an efficient meeting. If you are looking for a reasonable meeting room rental services in Malaysia, look no further than KLEX. At KLEX, we strive to make your meeting more efficient and engaging. We facilitate the smooth running of your meeting by not only offering the meeting room but also great facilities such as secure WiFi, projectors, projection screen, air-conditioning, flip-chart, whiteboard and etc.

In addition, our meeting rooms are enclosed and the surroundings are filled with comfortable lighting, making them an ideal place for intimate events including, offsite meeting, team meeting, business meeting as well as other work sessions whilst leaving all the distraction and noise behind. What’s more? We also offer a flexible meeting room rental option in Malaysia that allows you to plan your meeting as per your convenience. For example, seating arrangements, IT assistance, refreshments, on-site catering and dining can be arranged upon requests. Further, admin services, document printing and copying are available, allowing you to access them when you need them the most.

Hosting your event or meeting at KLEX will definitely enhance the productivity and attendees’ attentiveness. Thus, schedule your next meeting with us and our experienced staffs will do the arrangement for you!

Office with meeting & event rooms offer a number of distinct advantages over standalone meeting and event facilities. With KLEX meeting room, you will have everything make meetings and events run smoothly.

What you’ll find in our meeting & event room services:

KLEX has become highly experienced with the ins and outs of meeting room rental. We can help you to avoid or manage any challenges you might run into during your conference, convention or special event.

Friendly & Professional Staff. Most conference facilities require you to provide your own staffing at every level. KLEX offers on-site access to a wait staff, catering, IT assistance and much more.

Access to Meeting and Conference Must-Haves. The KLEX facilities can provide the necessary tables, chairs, projector or video equipment you might need to outfit the room perfectly for your event. We will strive to accommodate your special requests.

An On-site Business Centre. KLEX has an on-site business centre that allows web access, print services, and basic office tools just in case you forgot something. Presenters will be especially grateful for this amenity.

A Convenient Lodging Option. Visiting attendees and speakers will have an access to convenient place to stay during a multi-day event. Speak to one of our friendly Team members for further details.

Next to the best Subang business and leisure area. Hosting your next meeting or event at KLEX offers access to the city’s vibrant highlights as well as the central business district. There are plenty of entertainment, shopping and restaurant options for attendees within walking distance.

On-Site Catering and Dining. A major benefit to hosting your conference or meeting at KLEX is the convenience of our catering service, allowing for a convenient and smooth experience.

You get to Partner with a Pro. When renting a standalone conference facility, you’re pretty much left on your own to figure out all details and logistics. Partnering with KLEX means you have access to insights, assistance and advice related to your event on matters both large and small.

Hosting your event or meeting at KLEX’s facilities offers you a number of distinct advantages and benefits over standalone meeting venues. From guest amenities to access to experienced, professional staff, KLEX’s function rooms can help take the guesswork out of your event planning. Consider partnering with KLEX for your next meeting or special event.

Flexible Plans

Meeting Room & Event Space

Terms & Conditions Applied
Surcharge: Sundays & Public Holidays
The Pacific: RM25.00/hour
Asia/Asia + Nusantara: RM20.00/hour

The Pacific

RM 1,700.00 FULL DAY
RM 250.00 PER HOUR



RM 750.00 FULL DAY
RM 125.00 PER HOUR


RM 300.00 FULL DAY

Asia + Nusantara

RM 950.00 FULL DAY
RM 150.00 PER HOUR

KLEX Event Space Benefits

Suitable | Equipped | Facility

Suitable for

  • Seminar
  • Talk/Lecture
  • Product Launching
  • Press Conference
  • Training
  • Briefing
  • Meeting
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Workshop
  • Any kind of suitable event

** Terms & Conditions Applied

Equipped With

  • Projector
  • Microphone & Mobile Speaker
  • Whiteboard
  • Table & Chairs
  • Wi-fi
  • Fully Air-Cond

* Terms & Conditions Applied

Facilitated With

  • Adjacent to Empire Shopping Gallery
  • Lots of Food Outlets
  • Vast Underground Parking Space
  • Security Service
  • Comfortable Lift Service
  • Free Flow Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold)
  • Free Unlimited Coffee/Tea

** Terms & Conditions Applied

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